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Hi guys, and welcome to the, which consists of betting tips and a strategy page.

In this column we will analyze a few tips on betting (top 10), which we consider very much helpful about the betting strategy, the control of revenue-expenses and generally the philosophy of betting:

  1. First of all, we have to be in control over our budget in order not to exceed our initial amount. A good idea would be to set a new budget every month or every week.

  2. The odds we bet should not be under 1.50 for each match. It would not be worth it to bet for example 10 units, when the maximum profit does not exceed the amount of 5 units. On the contrary, it is worth betting odds over 2.00 in order to double the profit.

  3. Based on that, you could bet from one to three matches, and you keep your eyes on the overall odd, which must be from 1.50 (in case of one match) to 10.00 and over (in case of three matches), in order to keep possibilities of winning on our side. For example, if you bet 10 units of the minimum of odds in three matches (1.50 per match, 1.50*1.50*1.50=3.375 the overall odd) you will have a profit of 23.75 units.

  4. Never forget that betting is a hobby that may become profitable if you go about it with caution and sense.

  5. Take the chance! You can play fun bet (e.x. Correct Score, Half Time / Full Time, First Scorers etc.) each month but with a small amount in order to test how lucky you are!

  6. In order to avoid unreasonable and biased bets, you should abstain from betting on teams which you support, because you could be driven by emotional factors.

  7. You need to note down your bets either on an excel document or a notebook, in order to keep track of them. The columns that are needed are: Bets, Odds, Date of bet, Profits & losses etc.

  8. You should not bet on random teams or categories you do not know, just because somebody else suggests it, or because it is written as an info on some website or newspaper.

  9. It would be good idea for a player not to get informed through too many sources in order not to lose track.

  10. Last but not least, when you lose one bet you should not bet again right away to cover the loss. Take your time and bet again when you have a clear mind.
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