Slots - Slots : The History of the game in the Casino

Slots - Slots : The History of the game in the Casino


Undoubtedly Slots is the most popular gaming Casino. Their ease of use and large progressive jackpots make it dominant in almost all the casino world. It is also known by the name Slot or slot machine. Slot The name came from the first machines of the type of gaming where they had on their side of a lever. While known to us all Slots name came from the original symbols that existed in the cylinders when first introduced this gamble. End or slot name was given because of the characteristic slot for coins in the slot machines.

According to the History Slots or Slot discovered by Charles Fey in 1887 in California. The name of the first machine was Liberty Bell, because of the bell symbol attribute located in the cylinders and the fact that if they succeed one player in turn three bells won the greatest return. 1963 Slots passed into another dimension where we have the complete appearance of the first electromechanical Slot the Money Honey by Bally. This resulted in the lever side of the machine to be a decorative element. Then we had the appearance of Video Slots, Slots now had taken the electronic form in the late 80s.

As we said above the symbols of the Slots Slot was like Cherry and Melon from the first machines such as the Trade Stimulator. Also, we all know the BAR symbol comes from the logo of Bell Gum Fruit Company . In the United States of America in the early years discovered this game has awards foods , beers or drinks in the local bar to prevent laws on gambling.

Their simple operation, by lowering the lever or pressing a button or most new technological machines by pressing a button on the touch screen starts to spin the reels - columns. The player is paid when you reach specific symbol combination (matching and aligning matching symbols) on the machine display. The symbols and the number of cylinders varies from game to game, with different odds and chances of success in any game of chance. The software used in the slot machine is the RNG (Random Number Generator) agent specific algorithms for the occurrence of the combinations on the machine display.
The great impact that had Slots in casinos due to the fact that players like betting a little money to save a lot . Plus Slots are found outside of the terrestrial casino and almost all in digital format.

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