Casinos history

Casinos history


The " temples of gambling " are the Casino. Here players can wager their money on the most popular games worldwide as are the roulette, BlackJack , slots and many other derivatives gambling. The casino games can be separated based on the abilities of the players, as is the Poker Texas Hold'em, BlackJack etc . And other clean in a matter of luck as Slots .

The history of the Casino has its roots in ancient China , but there are references to ancient Greece and the Roman Empire to France and England rebirth. Scientists and historians have created reports demonstrating in several cases as a means of entertainment of wealthy families , gambling . The first gambling house was called Ridotto, he resided in Venice where in the 17th century during the Carnival period provided gambling with large player turnout .
In America the first form of gambling houses were Saloons, where a traveler can have fun playing cards . In the 20th century in America comes the ban on gambling by law and social reformers of the time ..

The chronology landmark Casino in the Americas is the 1931 , which is the legalization of casino throughout the state of Nevada and Las Vegas , where today is the " Capital of Gaming " worldwide.

The term of the word casino comes from the Italian word Casino, which has the root word Casa (Casa) which in Italian means home. In short the term Casino means little house besides the condition know as all the space that hosts gambling. At first we used the term casino as the Italians for casinos and prestigious club who have turned their homes into entertainment center and concentrations based gambling. So the term we use for Gaming houses has prevailed worldwide as Casino and many countries such as Greece and carried the word in their own idiom.

Feature of the Casino is their location . Usually hosted or adjacent to hotel establishments in tourist areas that the player can combine rest days with the excitement that offer gambling casino .

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