The Blackjack is the most popular game from the first time hosted in casinos, and this because the player has control. Blackjack is a special game because it combines luck and skill.
The History of Blackjack begins in France in the 18th century. France started under the name Vingt et un (in French means the number 21). In the Americas reached through French colonies in the 19th century. The Americans in the early 30's offered in the state legally Casino, Nevada, classic 21 game with the known variation when the player had in his hand Vallee sword or cane (black) took 10 in his stake. In this variation was the name Blackjack.

Multiplayer Blackjack is not a simple game of chance, many see it as a profession. Several famous players of blackjack have "epikirychtei" by famous casino in the world. Noteworthy is the fact that they have written books on Blackjack Strategies analyze where and Statistics for the game. It is no coincidence that most have become best seller in a short time. Typical examples are the "Beat the Dealer" of mathematician Edward Thorp and "Professional Blackjack" professional gamblers StanfordWong.

It's good for the players to read the books or other on the market and hundreds on Statistics and Strategic analyzes of Blackjack. Read as a player and has knowledge on the subject the more likely to win in this game.

In Greece it has become known as twenty or stucco. There are also many variations of the game, the player must give importance because they consider the evolution of the game despite the general simple rules available to Blackjack. The most famous variations that may be encountered in terrestrial or onlineKazino are: European Blackjack, Single Blackjack deck, Double deck Blackjack, 6-deck Blackjack, Barcelona 21 Blackjack and Vegas Blackjack.


The general rule of the game is one: The player with the highest sum in relation to the others at the table without going over the sum 21. Where overcome burned.

Remember something, to be winners in the game of Blackjack should read the original rules of the game and then to study the strategies that already exist and have been published in books. In short in this game strategy and knowledge of the players outweighs the luck factor.

Select an online Casinokai Register no money to test your skills in the exciting game of Blackjack. Try different variations that offer online casino and choose the one that suits you best. Big advantage in blackjack game at online Casino is that you can apply different strategies with free chips before you actually put money in your account.

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